Lets try again – (My mates) South American Summer! Worth a watch.

As you all may know i’ve been having some issues with posting, but i believe these are resolved for now, as i have moved back to my .wordpress blog for the time being. So will repost what you missed out on.

One of my closest friends is a born traveller as well, having already done many places last summer he took a trip around South America and create this fucking amazing video that can give anyone the painful feels of wanderlust. Take a look it has a great traveller soundtrack as well for when you’re en route somewhere with just yourself and your thoughts of “how cool is this place”. Personally I think it is amazing, rough cut and gives a real taste of the adventure! Plus he falls off his mountain bike which is always a bonus!

Enjoy. Please let me know your thoughts as i’ll pass them on. It personally makes me envious and want to get on a plane to South America right now.

New blog, lost followers and covering all bases.

I am moving to a self hosted website http://www.foreignwanders.com.

For some reason it has split my followers and I am not event sure my followers are seeing this! I’m really confused and a little nervous as I have some really cool stuff to share.

So if you are seeing this, please visit www.foreignwanders.com/subscription/ and get back on the track with me or just simply bookmark the page or however you go about keeping in touch.

The site is really rough at the moment, but until I have solved the problem of my lost followers I need to cover all bases.

I did this, by chance.

So I was once stripping wallpaper for my parents home back in Nottingham, UK. I love DIY so I offered, I was supposed to get the entire living room (family room) stripped in the day. I remember procrastinating and watching Spongebob, it got to two o’clock in the afternoon, just before Fairly Odd Parents and I thought “Shit!” and got right to it. In the first stroke of the wallpaper remover thing I noticed a piece fall on the floor in the shape on India… There was no way I was going to get this finished before my dad got home from work. Then it begun… Continue reading I did this, by chance.

Something a little different… Yet amazing!

I thought I would post something a little different, many of you may have already seen this. The other day the Nasa/ESA Hubble telescope released an image, an image of our neighbouring Andromeda galaxy that will truly blow your mind. The human mind is not made to comprehend how large the universe is, but with these images it kinda of helps… and shit is it amazing.

Continue reading Something a little different… Yet amazing!

A steep step.

Lets finally start writing up my trip around Europe.

Amsterdam was  my first stop travelling along – start off hard was the thinking, I was travelling alongside a friends at this point who made it a lot easier to ‘climatise’ to travelling independently (with a friend I know). Continue reading A steep step.

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